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Why are you running for Mayor?

  • I'm running for St. George Mayor because it's time we raised the bar and reminded our elected leaders what it means to serve. Southern Utahns are tired of the dishonesty and poor leadership in our government (even locally). Tired of the excuses and the disregard for our individual rights. We need local leaders who fight for freedom and liberty for all. Leaders who speak with honesty and truth because they don’t fear what others may think or say. Leaders who are not only willing but capable of managing our city responsibly. Leaders who will fight back against the communist agendas assaulting our freedom and threatening our children’s future. Leaders who will fight vehemently against a tyrannical government. I love the United States and will always support and defend its Constitution against all enemies. Because we should start locally which, for me, is right here in St. George and Utah’s Dixie.

What are your top priorities if elected?

  • 1) Increase honesty, truth, and transparency in our city. Elected leaders serve the people. Not themselves or special interest groups. We will explore real (and most likely entrepreneurial) solutions to the issues our area faces like crime, industry, jobs, power, and water to name a few. We will rely on free markets, not the government, to unlock our potential for growth, prosperity, and stability for the families who live here. 2) Increase accountability in every city department. City leadership should be held accountable to improve fiscal responsibility by eliminating waste, improving operational efficiencies, and ultimately decreasing both spending and taxes. 3) Fight for the people. Our Mayor should always fight to preserve our Dixie Heritage against the almost criminal efforts to erase it from the area and should be fearless in the face of government overreach and tyranny in the protection of our individual rights and freedom as Americans.

What are the biggest concerns of the city you'll be representing?

  • Our local residents (and those who visit) love this area, its amazing heritage, its inspiring history, and stunning beauty. However, as local patriots, we have remained silent far too long as special interests, cancel culture, and communist agendas have infiltrated our local politics, schools, businesses, and churches. My biggest concern is that we who live here and love this area won't step up soon enough to take an active role in preserving the things we hold dear including our freedom and our Southern Utah Dixie Heritage. If we are going to be successful at creating a city where everyone is welcome and taken care of, we need more entrepreneurs and Patriots to be actively engaged in the fight for freedom and liberty and in finding real solutions for each of the issues we face in Southern Utah.

How would you describe yourself politically?

  • Between the two extremes in our country, I side with Freedom and the ability for every American to seek out "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" for themselves and in their own way. I side with the fact that all men are created equal in the eyes of God regardless of race, color, creed, or origin. That the formation of the United States was divinely inspired. That this is the only country in the world where freedom and liberty for every individual are secured by the U.S. Constitution and where the only role of government is to ensure the safety and freedom of its citizens. If you can’t tell, I am a very conservative and freedom-loving person who believes in limited government, free enterprise, and a free society.

What do you want voters to know about you?

  • I believe in Faith, Family, and Freedom. I am a husband and father, a serial entrepreneur, a problem solver, a Christian, and a Patriot. I know from personal experience that the only way to achieve your goals is through being free to choose your own path and then working diligently to make your dreams become reality. I know from both history and personal experience that the only way to find solutions where everyone wins is through honesty, integrity, and transparency with input from everyone affected. I graduated from Dixie State College as a Rebel and will always remain a Rebel in heart and action as I always question the status quo in search of truth. 

What is your current occupation?

  • I currently work full time for a local small business called Dental Implant Machine as the Special Operations Director where I focus on improving operational efficiency and business systems so we can continue to grow the company exponentially and support our constantly growing team while delivering a first-class customer experience for our clients. I also have a few side hustle/passion projects; 1) I own an Executive Leadership Coaching practice called Culturefi where I help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners scale their business through high-performance company culture and optimized systemization. 2) I teach Advanced Self Defense Firearms and Tactics through the Maverick Patriot Project (formerly Warrior Patriot Project) and PewPewDad.com.

What are your plans for water in Southern Utah?

  • We must be looking at viable options that include allowing private development of water resources and entrepreneurial solutions to be allowed in Washington County. We must also allow water conservation efforts, which were halted in recent years to push the Lake Powell Pipeline narrative, to resume. Additionally, we must better utilize our existing water resources including springs, ground water, and water reuse while also allowing entrepreneurial (NOT GOVERNMENT) solutions for improving our water production and conservation efforts.

What are your thoughts on the Lake Powell Pipeline?

  • That one is a very black and white issue. Utah has ZERO rights to any water held within Lake Powell. This fact is Federally regulated and is part of the Colorado River Compact dating back to 1922. Those who believe it to be a viable solution to our water needs are on a fool’s errand as this intent behind the pipeline was to turn nearly worthless desert in two locations Southwest Washington County into high-end resort reservoirs with Million Dollar properties surrounding the new lakes making the individuals behind the pipeline very wealthy. 

What are your thoughts on lockdowns?

  • Restricting the freedom of any law-abiding citizen or private enterprise is by definition tyranny. Elected officials and health professionals have the responsibility to tell the public the truth as they recommendations but must then to the public while elected representatives possess no authority to any action which limits the freedom of American citizens. 

What are your thoughts on mask mandates?

  • This falls into the same category of lockdowns. “Mandates” are illegal. Additionally, masks are engineered and designed to work only as “Personal Protection Equipment '' (PPE) which, in layman's terms, means they are only engineered and designed to protect the wearer from outside threats, not the other way around. This means that if you are under the impression that your wearing of a mask will protect others from you then you are VERY misinformed. 

What are your thoughts on Mandated Vaccinations for C19?

  • Blanket mandated medical procedures should NEVER be allowed in our country because it not only goes against several laws but also has the makings of violating basic human rights. If the C19 Vaccines are as effective as they say then only those who choose not to get the shot are the only ones who have any need to worry about suffering from the disease. 


Are you Anti-Vax or Pro-Vax?

  • This argument is ridiculous. Every American is now, and must always remain, free to make that decision for themselves, especially when regarding their medical choices. The decision to vaccinate or not is a private matter which should be left to each person to decide for themsleves.

Where do you stand on Dixie?

  • Knowing who you are and where you are going requires understanding and exactly where you came from and Defending our Dixie Heritage is an essential part of that. If we are to continue to thrive in Southern Utah then maintaining and preserving our Dixie Spirit is critical to our success moving forward. 

How are you going to protect the "D" on the Black Hill and "Dixie" on the Sugarloaf.

  • Our current city politicians seem to think that putting these items on the national historical registry will do the job of protecting them forever. The glarring issue with such a strategy is that by so doing we are putting our cherished landmarks directly in the crosshairs of the communistic cancel culture that is much more violent at the national level. Puting our landmarks into thier control is the most dangerous thing we could do as the destruction and eradication or our real history sing historical landmarks that do not fit their narrative. We must look at options for protecting our treasured heritage with strategies to actually secure their safety such as private property rights. Private property is the one thing that cancel culture and the communist left cannot yet touch.


Where do you stand on the Second Amendment?

  • That’s very easy. Without the 2nd Amendment we would not have freedom in America because tyrants would seize control with nobody to stand in their way. 


Do you back the blue?

  • Since the beginning of time law enforcement has been a basic tenant of every civilization because we find that lawlessness and mayhem flourish without someone appointed to enforce the ‘rules’ we as society place on ourselves. Our police departments play a critical role in protecting and serving our community and nothing will ever change that. 


What do you think about Affordable Housing?

  • Government sponsored programs including things like “Affordable Housing” should NEVER be an option. The situation we have found ourselves in with regards to ultra-high cost of living in Southern Utah are a direct result of keeping industry out of Southern Utah and of a hyper-focused effort on increasing tourism rather than healthy industry and jobs. 


What qualifies you to be the Mayor?

  • My entire career has been spent starting and scaling several businesses as well as consulting hundreds of others to scale quickly and profitably. In business, experience is essential for wisdom and visionary leadership is critical to success. I am an entrepreneur and business leader, not a career politician, and you can see my past experience on Linkedin at www.linkedin.com/in/woodywoodbury.

What do you think about Critical Race Theory?

  • Critical Race Theory is evil and this despicable ideology is one of the most Anti-American things we could possibly be teaching in America. “Critical Race Theory” is just one component of something called “Critical Theory” which was started is the creation of Marxists from the Frankfurt School in Nazi Germany by Herbert Marcuse (he was not a Nazi but he was a Marxist) and outlines that the human race is nothing more than tribal groups whose skin color dictates which tribe is superior to the others. All men are created equal and no man is, or ever should be, considered superior to another because of differences in race, creed, or color.


What are your plans to keep rolling blackouts from happening?

  • Energy security in southern Utah is a result of government intervention and premature transition from existing power sources to new power sources. Allowing entrepreneurial development of power production would allow the free market entrepreneurs to develop reliable solutions which supply the demand for power consumption in Southern Utah.


What’s your plan for development and growth in St. George?

  • This enters the legal realm of personal and private property rights. Growth and development is inevitable. We are sitting on a critical point in which we have the opportunity to set a profound example through leadership for ethical and sustainable land development in the Southern United States. The fastest and most effective way to accomplish this is to call on the developers and companies building and moving here to include more ethical and sustainable solutions in their development and business plans. The difficult part of this plan is keeping the government out of the solution and allowing free market entrepreneurs to do what they always do best, which is provide solutions to problems.


What are your thoughts on BLM or ANTIFA?

  • The premise that black lives matter or being opposed to facism are each honorable endeavors on their own. However, the organizations of both BLM and ANTIFA are at their core Communist and Marxist organizations for which the end goal of either ideal is the elimination of free individualism.

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Woody Woodbury's Bio

Driven by his faith in God, entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering belief in American freedom and liberty, Woody Woodbury wouldn’t be where he is today without the amazing support of his beautiful wife and 4 children. His purpose in life includes fighting to protect and defend the individual freedoms, liberties, and rights of every American as set forth by the Constitution of the United States of America.


Woody’s Hero is his father who served his entire career in the military and whose unwavering examples of faith, loyalty and devotion deeply instilled the values of hard work, honesty, integrity and Patriotism from the day Woody was born. 


Woody’s experiences growing up overseas during the end of the Cold War, both Gulf Wars, and Desert Storm solidified his love for the American ideals of Freedom especially those pertaining to the rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. 


During high school Woody helped run a family business where he began to witness firsthand how poor leadership in government caused division and insecurity for Americans. This is especially true with relation to government overreach and fiscal irresponsibility.


Upon graduating Woody was denied pilot training with the Air Force due to poor vision, immediately ending a lifelong dream of being a fighter pilot. He then focused his efforts on serving in the private sector where he quickly fell in love with, and became an avid student of, entrepreneurship, law, psychology, and human behavioral science. 


After serving a Mission for his church, Woody moved to St. George where he came to love the area his family originally helped settle and it’s rich history. So far in his career, Woody has built several businesses both locally and internationally. He has consulted hundreds of other entrepreneurs and organizations in both the public and private sectors around the world to systemize, scale, and operate profitability with his people centered approach to business and management. 


Woody’s natural talent for building efficiencies in organizations and allowing people the freedom to succeed has enabled him to find creative solutions to problems which many people viewed as impossible. These skills and talents, combined with a long list of many more, makes him the perfect candidate for Mayor. The cornerstone of his approach is truthfulness and transparency which is proven to ensure positive and successful results for everybody. 


It is obvious to Woody that the United States Constitution was designed and intended by the Founding Fathers to protect the unalienable rights, freedoms, and liberties of ALL Americans regardless of race, religion, creed, or origin. That a return to the ideals and values espoused in the Constitution is critical to the success of our society today. That a return to honesty, integrity, truth and transparency in government is required for us to succeed as Americans and that the place for us to start is right here in our beautiful city of St. George, UT.